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Visionscapes Design FAQs

1. Do I have to get a 3D planting plan designed or can I just get a landscape concept plan designed?

A planting plan doesn’t have to be included in your design process. We often supply clients with just the landscape concept plan (a photo of your area is taken and we use tracing paper to visualise the new landscape) which then allows us to start working through the pricing process. A planting plan is often best created when construction is underway. When the project starts to evolve on site, you often gain a better perspective of what will plants work best for your outer space.

2. How long does it take to complete a full landscape design for my garden?

A design takes around a week from the first site visit through to a completed concept plan and a planting plan. However we can shorten the timeframe for projects with deadlines. With new homes or renovations, the earlier in the process you engage us for landscape design, the better for you. This allows us plenty of time to work with the architects or house designers and get the landscape plans completed to meet deadlines.

3. How do I start the design process with Visionscapes?

Email us at or phone 07 823 2188 to speak to our team. Following this conversation, we will arrange a time with you to meet and discuss your project. We can meet at our office or onsite. At this initial meeting, we recommend that you bring your house plans, all your great ideas and any other information you have that relates to your property’s landscaping.

4. What happens after my initial meeting with Visionscapes?

When we meet with you and talk through your project and ideas, we will ask plenty of questions and make suggestions on the best solutions for your space. This process helps us understand your requirements and what will work for your landscaping design. Once we have all this information, we put together a fee proposal for the landscape design of your property. On the acceptance of this proposal, we start with the first concept drawing of your outer space