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Landscaping Design Packages

Conceptual Design Package

This package includes:

  • A plan view of your entire property or large sections (minus details - such as plant names, precise measurements, etc)

  • Two renderings of the design areas

  • One consultation at the start of the design process

  • PDF Copy of the plan and A3 laminated plan designs for you to keep

  • Planting plans and measurement specification are additional add ons.

Complete Design Package

This package includes:

  • A detailed plan view of your entire property or large sections of your property.

  • Detailed A3 colour print renderings of various spaces and key features around the design

  • Planting list/plan

  • Dimension plan

  • 3D rendering of the entire design/property.

  • Virtual geo location of property to provide accurate shadow studies to ensure plants/decks/pools are appropriately positioned

  • 2 consultations during the design process

  • 1 final consultation at our studio for a virtual walkthrough of the detailed 3D rendering of your design up on the big TV screen

Why Choose Us?

  • Attention to detail, its the little things that make a landscape beautiful and unique.

  • Consideration of your needs and wants, we will work with you every step of the way to create something truly special.

  • Stunning designs - we use the highest quality software to give you a photorealistic view of your future landscape.

At Visionscapes, we offer you a complete landscaping service from design to build.Good landscaping design starts with listening to what your needs are, then designing a landscape that reflects those needs whilst fitting within your budget. Not only will good design achieve your slice of paradise, it will also add value to your property. We have a skilled team on board who work together to provide you with the best possible results. Great gardens don't just happen; they're the results of careful planning and observation.

Check out our packages and options below, and check out some of our previous designs at the bottom of the page. (And no, they're not photos - they're computer generated designs!)

Landscape Concept Design

This plan is like an elaborate architectural drawing of the desired outcome for the landscape transformation of your property. Instead of black and white outlines, there are visible textures and colours to give you a real sense of what the finished product will look like. We think this is a very important first step as right from the start you, our valued client, can conceptualise what we think it is that will fit your wants and needs perfectly. From there we want to hear your input on the design, what would you like to change? Do you have any questions about certain aspects of the design? Does this plan represent your vision?

We believe in delivering our landscape solutions at the highest quality in each and every step of the journey. And this begins with design, any problems left unresolved at this stage are going to compound as the process progresses. We are very keen to nip that in the bud and ensure that you get the most out your space. Because at the end of the day, our number one goal is to make your vision a reality. 

Complete Design Package

This is our premium package, that includes a full 3D rendition of your property with startling clarity and crisp textures and colours. The level of quality inside these renditions means there is little left to the imagination, instead you are able to see exactly how all the different design elements blend together into a cohesive landscape solution. 

We think this is what really puts the 'vision' into Visionscapes. The detail contained within the renderings takes the vision out of your mind and puts it into an explorable 3D generated world, allowing you more freedom to make design decisions and understand exactly what the finished product will look like. 

The ability to peer into the finished product is not only going to give you a lot more confidence moving forward, but also give you plenty of time to think about what products to lay on the ground and what flora to plant around your curated space to highlight the aspects you want to be highlighted. 

This plan includes 3 consultations, planting list, plant plan and dimensions plan for you to keep.

We highly recommend this plan for those looking at doing an extensive landscaping project on their property, it really is amazing what our skilled designer Luke and his team can bring to life on the screen. 

Have a look below to see some examples of the depth these designs go into!

Landscaping Design Examples

Lifestyle Block Curation

Suburban Revamp


Aesthetic Practicality

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