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Advantages of working with a one-stop-shop landscaping company

At Visionscapes we pride ourselves on our design, landscape and building skills. With our highly qualified and experienced staff, and working with our sister company Greenscapes

to offer top quality product- we understand time is money and we ensure that your money is spent delivering the vision you desire for your landscape.

You will experience the difference, the efficiencies and the value that comes from working with a company that is both a landscape architecture firm and a landscape construction firm.

Here we outline the top benefits you get from working with a design and build landscaping company:

The perfect partnership

We love to create your visions – from start to finish. This means we are instantly working to the same end goal – to create your perfect space! This shared purpose ensures communication and expectations are set and achieved from the offset.

Making your budget work for you

Working with a design-build company allows you to seamlessly work within a specified budget. Should cost efficiencies need to be found, Visionscapes will find ways to be flexible around design or material selection. Working with Greenscapes we are able to offer affordable products for your landscaping dreams. We understand all of the costs involved and up font with these.

Timelines matter

Managing the construction of your project is built into our process. We can offer a full planting plan or we often supply clients with just the landscape concept plan (a photo of your area is taken and we use tracing paper to visualise the new landscape) which then allows us to start working through the pricing process.

Best materials at best cost

Greenscapes believe that making a garden or landscaping should not end up being a financial burden but be a pleasure which is why we work with them to ensure that our prices are the most affordable possible for all of our customers and their projects. Greenscapes have an extensive range of products and garden supplies available, but if there is something you need that is not in the yard they’re happy to try and source the particular product for you.