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Going into Autumn.  Is your garden autumn ready?

It seems like summer arrived just a short time ago, but evening temperatures are cooler, schools are in session and autumn is around the corner. Soon the leaves will gradually change colour and we'll find ourselves in a new gardening season.

In autumn the soil is moist and warm – perfect for establishing plants before winter sets in. This is why so much planting takes place in autumn. Bare-root trees are typically planted from autumn to spring, and autumn is also a popular time for laying turf. Timing is key to planting.

Products from our friends at Greenscapes:

From Riverbed Stone, Lime Chip, Nahuka Blue Pebble, Aspin Blue pebble, to anything that you need to make your garden look pretty and keep it functional like bark, mulch, decorative bar and top soil.

We also have everything you need for construction, from paving sand, pitsand, mortar sand, builders mix, Gap 20 and 7 and drainage metal.

What about planter boxes and a louvre? We have that too.

We definitely have it all, and if we don't, we'll source the best product for the best price!

Celebrate Autumn

Mulch around plants. After planting trees or shrubs, apply a generous mulch. This can be manure, bark chips or compost as it helps to seal in moisture, and adds slow-release nutrients as it breaks down. Never heap mulch around the base of a tree – the all-important root flare must be visible. Apply a thick ring around the base of the tree, about 15cm deep.

Never apply mulch on frozen or dry soil, always water thoroughly first, then mulch. We can help with all of this. 

Have you ever wondered why you should hire a landscaper or designer for your garden?

You probably didn’t buy your home with the intention to sell it right away, but you will still find that the right landscaping adds more value to your home.

  • Our landscape designers are well equipped to design an outdoor living space that will not only add value, but also extend your living space.
  • We are trained to think about the landscape's "problem areas" and create a plan.
  • We design low-maintenance gardens with beautiful features, that will naturally enhance the fauna and flora of your garden.
  • We can get our hands on the best products in the market.

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