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Concreting, Paving, Walkways and Driveways


While concreting is very common for all sorts of purposes, often times the quality can be lacking. That's why at Visionscapes we pride ourselves on concreting to the highest standard, ensuring a robust final product, with straight edging and a smooth finish. 

We understand the pain when cracks start appearing in your concrete shortly after the team you've entrusted finish the job. And the cost and time associated with redoing the job is something no one wants to deal with. 

We never want to put our customers in that sort of position, thats why when we do it, we do it right the first time. 

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When it comes to paving, there are a near infinite amount of patterns to be made. A tight, well made paving job is a fantastic way to bring out a specific and unique artistic flair in your patio. 

Because of the endless possibilities, paving is a great way to imbibe your space with your personality. What do you like in a paved floor? What patterns stand out to you? What colours do you resonate with?

A well done paving job will act as the centre piece of all the features in your home, whether it be a mosaic to draw the eye and be the centre of attention or a more subtle pattern to bind everything else together. 


Walkways serve many purposes, sometimes you just need something to get you to the washing line and other times you need a feature walkway to take you through your landscaped grounds. Whatever the reason, we will help you to find a solution to your problem that combines functionality with flair, a walkway that is robust yet striking.

At Visionscapes we do a large variety of walkways; boardwalks, paved, concrete, stepping stones, pebbled or gravelled or anything else you can think of! If you've got a specific idea for a walkway give us a call, we'd love to make your vision a reality. 


Even though generally driveways are already installed when your house was built, as times change the purposes they were built for can also change. For older homes, they may no longer be big enough to house all the cars residing in your home. Perhaps the concrete has become cracked over time, is looking tired or you're tired of the potholes in the gravel and decided its time to upgrade to something more solid. 

For longer driveways, we have access to a number of high quality products to lay along the length, such as Waikato's own Hoki Poki pea metal and garden pebble for a warm mixture of oranges and golds, a gravel cover of gap 20 to remain solid and compact, for a striking contrasting driveway we have lime chip or lime fines that glow white and bright in the sun and of course we do concrete driveways too.

Give us a call to see what options suit you and see how we can solve your driveway problem!

We know it can be hassle estimating the countless costs of a landscaping job

So we decided to make it a bit easier for you! Simply select the type of material you would like for your new driveway, patio or other area and enter how many square metres the area is.

This handy little calculator will give you an estimate on the price of the material and labour.

Please note: This estimate is for the product and labour hours, this is to be used as a rough estimate only and does not function as a quote, given the amount of variables inherent in the job, we will require a visit to the property to be able to provide a quote.
Smaller jobs may require more than advertised as work can't be completed in bulk.
In particular circumstances there may be a concrete pump required as well.
These prices may vary greatly depending on the work needed to prepare the ground before laying down the driveway.
Get in touch with us if you have any questions or aren't sure about anything!

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