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Kwila -

A deck. A good ol' classic kiwi deck, found in homes from the Cape to the Bluff, from Great Barrier to Stewart, in the centre of the city and the heart of the bush.

A staple of a dream home, decks come in all shapes and sizes and in a variety of timber and colours.
Choosing which style of deck best suits your home and needs can sometimes be a daunting task, do you want kwila or pine? Do you need handrails? Do you need extra storage space? 

Luckily our qualified team will be able to answer all your questions and more, drawing on their worldly experience of decks they've seen and more importantly decks they've built. They understand the problems different styles and timber can run into in the long term and would love to give you some tips and tricks on how to take good care of your deck so it can continue to impress long into the future. 

- Radiata Pine decking, redwood edging

Different use cases for a deck:

- Extend your living area into your backyard 
- Upgrade the area around your pool
- Add flair to the entrance of your home or business 
- Create an outdoor area for entertaining in your home or meeting clients at work  
- Create a safer space for the young and old in your family, add a ramp to your premises 
- Cover tank mushrooms
- Create a balcony over interesting features on your property, such as a pond, stream or gully
- Cover tight spaces around your home, reduce weeding area

Our Specialities

Kwila pergola, decking and walls

Kwila -

Other Options

We know it can be hassle estimating the countless costs of a landscaping job

So we decided to make it a bit easier for you! Simply select the type of material you would like for your new deck and enter how many square metres the area is.
This handy little calculator will give you an estimate on the price of the material and labour.

Please note: This estimate is for the product and labour hours, this is to be used as a rough estimate only and does not function as a quote, we will require a visit to the property to be able to provide a quote. 
Smaller jobs may require more than advertised as work can't be completed in bulk.
These prices may vary greatly depending on the work needed to prepare the ground before installing the deck.
Decking that requires stairs, multiple levels or more complex foundations will require more labour hours as well. 
Get in touch with us if you have any questions or aren't sure about anything!

Decking Calculator

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