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Fencing and Screening


Unlike the suburbs of America, fences are an integral part to a kiwi home. Privacy is paramount, deciding on how to secure your privacy can be a bit tricky. Hedge, fence or wall? Its a hard question and will ultimately come down to what is best suited to blend with the rest of your yard, what styles your neighbourhood already has in place and how much space you have to work with, as well as your own personal preference of course. 

Fencing and screening has a whole lot of use cases, for example; to mark the boundary of your property, for partitioning or to close in a structure such as a car port. Here at Visionscapes we do the whole range:

- Privacy- Picket- Post and Rail- Vertical and Horizontal Slat- Trellised- Espalier Trellises

And anything else you can think of, if you have a unique vision of a fence you'd like to see on your property we'd love to design and it and install it for you, just have a chat with us today. 


Fences need not always be on the boundary of your property and are an effective way to partition your space or provide more privacy in some areas.They can also act as a decorative feature in your garden for plants to grow on or as feature in and of themselves as artsy aluminium and copper screens come into the contemporary space. 

We do a range of fencing and screening here at Visionscapes, whether they be full blocks, shuttered or trellised we can create something fit for your purposes. There are countless use cases but here are a few where we think they really come in handy. 

- Around the spa pool- One or two sides of a pergola- Hiding water or septic tanks - Certain sides of a pond or water feature- Certain sides of a washing line- Fire pit area- Outdoor dining area- Rubbish and recycling

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