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Garden Edging And Raised Garden Beds

Planter Boxes

Raised garden beds and planter boxes have been a staple in gardens the world over for hundreds, if not thousands of years. And the old adage still applies to them, if its not broken - don't fix it. While they may remain similar to their historic counterparts, garden boxes today are an effective way to partner style with practicality. 

Whether using raised garden beds to grow some seasonal veggies or to attract bees with a rich and colourful array of flowers, the aesthetic of your yard will not be sacrificed. After all, there's no reason to not have the garden beds reflect the specific flair of your landscape, to have them highlight that which makes your garden unique. 

And we take this ideology in reverse, garden beds used to showcase a certain union of plants and trees also need to be easy to maintain and to change, if needed. We manufacture boxes to blend these concepts, to provide the perfect marriage between usability and sophistication, tailor made to suit your home and your lifestyle. 

Garden Edging

When it comes to wooden garden edging, there is one philosophy that we hold across both edging and boxing - the final quality of the job comes down to the timber used. We strive to source only the highest quality sleepers to ensure that your garden doesn't just look good the day after we finish the job, but on that day the next year, the next year and the next. 

But edging does not have to use timber and in no way is that the benchmark of current contemporary styles. Stones, pavers and concrete all make for excellent alternatives, and a combination thereof make the possibilities limitless. Even thin strips of landscaping groundcover elements such as lime chip or river pebble can not only look great, but they are an excellent way to set your garden apart and add to its unique flair.

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Just looking for a planter box to be made but don't require landscaping work?

Consider Greenscapes.

Greenscapes creates custom sized planter boxes out of natural macrocarpa to either be picked up or delivered. 
An option is also available to have them installed and filled with Greenscapes garden mix.

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