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Groundcover, Topsoil and Compost

Mulch, Stone, Bark, Fines

Creating a curated landscape usually involves marrying together the right combination of plants and styles, but just as important is the correct blending of different ground cover elements. This could involve having Black Mulch side by side with Lime Chip to give a startling contrast, using redwood mulch along your light coloured fence to blend the ground with the background and put the focus on the plants or perhaps a rich blue Nuhaka Pebble simply complements the colour of your house and would look great in the gardens nestled up to it. 

Whatever the reason, of which there are plenty, selecting the right Groundcover element is hugely important to the final product. We source the majority of our products from Greenscapes Landscape and Garden Supplies, so if you're unsure, you're welcome to pop down into the yard and retail shop and have a look for yourself! There are a couple model gardens set up to give you an idea of how they look after all the work is done.  

Topsoil, Compost, Garden Mix, Sand and Lawnsoil

Topsoil for filling holes in the lawn or a base to blend premium compost to make a fertile soil.

Garden Mix for filling planter boxes, large pot plants, gardens and vege gardens. Garden Mix is a premium blend of compost, fertilisers and bark fines as well as pumice for drainage, and is perfect for planting straight into. Its like potting mix, but for the whole garden.

Compost, for when you need to oomphen up or revitalise your garden or when your planting established or older trees that can handle the higher level of nutrients contained within. We use a Daltons Premium Compost that is a mixture of their top end blends to ensure an extremely nutrient rich mixture that contains all you need for your plants to thrive.  The only problem with this being that the younger plants and seedlings simply can't handle the concentrated mixture, talk to us about what option is best for you. 

Lawnsoil is another one of those premium blends of compost mixed with a good amount of sand to ensure proper drainage for your lawn, and is packed with the perfect mixture of nutrients to allow your grass to flourish. 

These products along with our paving sand, mortar sand and pit sand are all sourced from Greenscapes Landscape and Garden Supplies, our sister company.  

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