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Pergolas, Patios and Louvres

Pergolas and Patios

Incorporating the outdoors - the sunshine, the bird chatter and a light breeze - into the living areas of your homes is a true and established way to bring the best out of the location of your home. Bringing your living areas into the outdoors is that next step that people all over the country have been embracing since the kiwi dream of owning your own quarter acre, your own slice of heaven, came into being. However, never have we been so spoilt for choice in what we can do with that area, the kwila decks of the past being passed over for more modern and exciting designs. 

Any outdoor area should be designed with the rest of your home in mind, what are the colours? The materials? What features already exist? Where does the sun rise and set? Which trees and plants grow nearby?
We integrate the answers to all these questions and more, along with your vision, to create patios to be admired by your friends and family... and for your neighbours to be envious of!

Some of our patio options include macrocarpa and redwood edging, garapa or pine decking, paving or pebbles or smooth, flat concrete. Inquire today to find out more!


Pergolas serve a practical purpose, to provide shelter from the elements while you enjoy your lovingly crafted outdoor space. But in no way, and this comes to all that we do, will we spare flair for functionality. Just because it serves a purpose, that does not mean it cannot also look beautiful.

At Visionscapes we create striking, unique and lofty pergolas to draw out the essence of your yard, to compliment everything that makes your home unique, to elevate your patio area to that next level. 

Of course this means we custom build them, so come to us with an idea! And we'll see if we can make your vision a reality. 

Lifestyle Louvres

Through a partnership with lifestyle louvres, we now supply and install these fantastic systems to add functionality and flair to your outdoor spaces.

Coming in black or white, manual or automatic, and in a variety of sizes too, these louvre systems are affordable, easy to operate, stylish and made from durable and long lasting aluminium alloys. 

The louvres are adjustable and can be open or closed to allow the sunlight through or block the rain. Completely watertight, the rain will stream down the louvre blades, through the guttering system before draining down the louvre legs. 

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