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No landscape is complete without the trees, grasses and plants that bring life and colour into your curated space. Choosing the right plants for the job can be a difficult task, its one thing to look at a seedling and quite another to know what it will look like in 5 or 10 years time. 

Our team of landscapers have the right know how to list through some options that are in line with your own personal vision - it's all about meeting in the middle when it comes to landscaping. 

After arriving on a collection of vegetation to complement the style of your yard, our team will expertly plant the flora ensuring they are at the right depth, with the right mixture of soil and compost, packed skilfully to allow the roots to grow and make certain that they thrive well into the future. (Just don't forget to water them!). 

Popular Native Planting Options

Here are some of the most common decorative native plants used in landscaping around the country, alongside trees such as Kowhai, Rimu, Totara and New Zealand's own native palm the Nikau. If you have any other ideas we'd be happy to track down a nursery that supplies it!

Popular Hedging Options

Hedging is an effective and stylish way to add a bit of privacy to your home, below are some popular options which have the added benefit of also being native. If you have a specific plant in mind however we would be happy to source and install it for you, just ask!

Popular Foreign Planting Options

Here are a couple options to get you started but the selection really is endless! Think of themed gardens perhaps Japanese or Mediterranean, maybe to plan far into the future you want to plant some mighty oaks or add colour to your garden with a variety of flowers. No matter the scope of your dream, we'll source and plant it to make your vision a reality. 

We source the majority of our plants from all over the Country, two of the main nurseries are Amber Garden Centre and Wairere Nurseries.

Click on the logos below to check out their website for a bit of inspiration. 

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