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Potager Garden

While we all love growing some veges in our backyard planter boxes, Potager gardens are the next step up when it comes to practical gardening. Potager gardens, also known as "Kitchen gardens", are of French origin and offer plenty of room for planting a substantial variety of fruiting and flowering plants, veges and herbs. Incorporating ornaments and decorative pieces, blending the garden into the style of your home and laying out the garden to suit your property turns this 'practical' garden into an aesthetic feature that is both productive and pleasing on the eye.

And this was essentially our brief for the project, to create a functional and aesthetic potager garden in the historic french style. And the owners could not be happier with the results, now not only enjoyed by themselves, but their community as well.

Somewhat in the name, the potager garden is ideal for pottering, for relaxing and unwinding, for spending time scratching the horticultural itch and providing some tasty bites for the dinner table. 

The potager garden has been constructed using pine timber for the edging and retaining walls, pine also for the trellises, macrocarpa for the planter boxes, redwood and black mulch for the ground cover and gap 20 as the walkway. The glasshouse and plants were supplied by the customer, installed by Visionscapes. 

Products Used On This Job

Products supplied by Greenscapes, Mitre 10 and the customer, work completed by Visionscapes.

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