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Outdoor Living

A properly created outdoor space needs level ground, straight edging and corners, and a clear design and layout to be effective at it's job and aesthetically pleasing. Uneven paving, concrete that collects pools of water or splintered and bowed decking can really detract from what is otherwise a nicely designed patio.

At Visionscapes we take great pride in completing work to the utmost highest standard, we guarantee a smooth finish with properly aligned design elements to ensure you get the most out of your space. 

All purpose outdoor living areas are a fantastic way to create additional recreational space for entertaining guests, enjoying a family dinner in the summer sun, watching the kids as they play in the yard - and work especially great to extend the area around your pool, water feature or create a place to comfortably admire your garden. 

Products supplied by Greenscapes, Onsite Concrete and Amber Nursery and work completed by Visionscapes and Spooner Concrete.

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