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Retaining Walls and Steps

Retaining Walls

New Zealand might often be praised for its sweeping landscapes of hills and valleys, but unfortunately this often presents a challenge when it comes to building and developing your yard. The possibilities with a flat piece of land are an infinite times many more than that of a sloped one. 

Fortunately we humans are pretty handy at changing what mother nature has offered us, and at Visionscapes we believe in maximising the potential of that space. 

There are number of attractive options of timber and stains to use on a retaining wall to hold back that hill, and even more options on what to do with that newly excavated flat land. Perhaps you need extra parking space? We'll concrete it. A bit of grass for your child to practice their sport on? We'll sow it. A rock water feature or pond? We'll install it. A new garden? We'll not only plant it, we'll arrive on a detailed planting plan with you, our valued customer, to ensure you get the most out of your new space. 


Whether paved, concreted or made with timber, well made steps add a bit of sharpness to your property as well as improving accessibility for those in your household and those that visit it. 

While purely functional, a proper application of the right materials can contrast or complement the surrounds of your home or business. In making the stairs or steps striking and uniform, the right features can be accentuated to add to the air of sophistication surrounding your property. 

For business owners, this could be way to impress customers or clients upon them visiting your premises, put yourself above the rest of the pack and make yourself just that bit more memorable. 

For home owners, increase the ease of access around your home. Improve that path to the washing line, to the fire pit in the corner, the spa pool or maybe even the gully next to your home. Make your house a favourite for get-togethers, make your home your castle. 

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